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Documentary films to capture the stories and wisdom of elders
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Our Story

It began with a homemade Legacy Film...Since childhood we have been creative together. Our passions converged on an idea to capture the precious wisdom of life from those who know it best — our elders. In 2015 Angie created a Legacy Film for her grandmother to honor her 93 years and to cherish her wit, her stories and her passionate life. Seeing the impact this simple video had on her family got the wheels turning and Amy quickly jumped on board with the skills needed to make it happen. We began working with seniors and their families in Seattle, and soon expanded to New England, to create stories of loved ones that will continue to be cherished for generations. 

But we didn't stop there...On our entrepreneurial journey we were inspired by so many fellow small business owners we met along the way so we decided to expand our services to create content for Seattle business owners so they had a powerful way to share their message.  In addition to the Legacy Films for families, we now create authentic and inspiring video portraits of the impact, the passion and the person behind a business.